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Girl Awakens From Coma
“I suffered a seizure which left me in a coma. After being in a coma approximately one week, doctors had given up on me. Doctors told my mom to prepare to say her goodbyes. That’s when a miracle happened! My Aunt asked Pastors Edward and Geraldine to pray for me. Miraculously, I awakened from the coma! The doctor’s ran several tests on me and found no brain damage, and pronounced that I was totally healed! Praise God!”

A. G. Tulsa, Ok.

Breakthroughs and Blessing Explosions!
During the month of December, Pastors Edward and Geraldine ministered on the “God Of The Breakthrough.” The next Sunday they ministered on “Blessing Explosions”. Immediately following, I began to experience Major Breakthrough’s that I had never experienced before! Praise God!! I can truly say that the Word of God works! Each week since then, I’ve still been enjoying Awesome Blessing Explosions!

G. Flowers, Tulsa, Ok.

Financial Breakthrough
I received tuition to return to school after praying with Pastor Edward. Pastor Edward prayed that any money available for me would be released. The next day a check was released! Also, other additional finances have been received sooner than expected! All of my bills are Paid! Hallelujah!

Eric, Tulsa, Ok.

Deliverance & Healing
After attending ACT for several months, I am stronger and I have more confidence in myself and who I am in Christ. I have received deliverance from entanglements and issues that I struggled with for years. Walking in a greater freedom has enabled me to live a more peaceful life. The Lord has brought me tremendous emotional healing. Additionally, I have also received unexpected money both in the mail and in person. I have learned ‘strategic’ confession through this ministry. One morning after I awakened, I felt a depressive heaviness, so I began to confess the Word of God using my authority in Christ. The oppression broke, and I immediately felt stronger, excited, and joyful! I truly have not been the same since. The prayer support that ACT has provided has helped my entire life to change. Praise God for my Pastors Edward and Geraldine Jones! They are a tremendous Blessing!

Cheri, Tulsa, Ok.

Prayers Answered
Pastors Edward and Geraldine prayed:
That I would meet the man that I would marry…I met him 3 days later!
That I would receive the money to avoid home foreclosure…I received all of the money with an abundance left over!
That I would receive a new car after going without a car for weeks (and very little hope of being able to purchase a new one)….I was able to purchase a new car, Fully Loaded for a FRACTION of the purchase price and actual Blue Book value – AMEN!!

Marquietta, Tulsa, Ok.

Growth Miraculously Disappeared
I have been attending Action Chapel Tulsa on a regular basis since October.  A tumor that had been growing on my hand for eight months was healed. Also, a former employer that I had not worked for in over a year sent me an unexpected check. I later received two more unexpected checks in the mail. Praise God!

J. Moody, Tulsa, Ok.

Healings & Financial Breakthrough
I was believing God for a car. I was praying and giving offerings, using scriptures, but it never came. Then I met the Jones family at Action Chapel Tulsa. I told them about my necessity for a car and they prayed with me. Finally, I received my car, a new Nissan Sentra. Thank God!! I waited 5 years believing God.
I told Pastor Edward about my father’s employment status. Pastor Edward prayed for my father and now he is doing well on his job, and is excelling in support of the family.
I told First Lady Geraldine about the condition of my mother. She has ovarian cancer. First Lady Geraldine prayed for her, and at my mother’s last checkup, good news came! The cancer had shrunk and she is improving! She is now off chemotherapy. In addition, my mother received wonderful prayer supplies, as in a prayer blanket, and other prayer items from the leader of my cell group. He and his family are tremendously supportive. It is good to have guardian angels.

Kofi, Tulsa, Ok.

Jobs & Deliverance
I have been so blessed since I’ve moving back to Tulsa and attending ACT. God began to move in my life removing strongholds that I’ve dealt with for years. I now have the victory in those areas. Also, financially I have seen a huge shift. When I moved back to Tulsa I wasn’t working. Now I’ve had three jobs in less than a year and each one was better than the other! Praise God! I am enjoying the Praise and Worship at ACT, and how they allow the Spirit of God to dwell. I love you, Pastor Edward and Geraldine.

I. Jones, Tulsa, Ok.

Healing & Deliverance
After attending ACT on Sunday night, the Joy of the Lord filled my heart and brought deliverance from codependent behaviors which was often accompanied by a Fear of Man. I have now been able to address situations appropriately without fear, guilt, and any condemnation. Praise the Lord!

Terri, Tulsa, Ok.

Financial Breakthrough

I was believing God for a car. Pastors Edward and Geraldine prayed for me, and I was able to purchase a car in cash for an excellent price! It is a fuel efficient vehicle without any mechanical problems. Praise God!!

Wilma, Tulsa, Ok.

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